What if I sell my home?
Three options are available:
  • You can transfer the agreement over to the new homeowners
  • Buy the system, and include it as part of the appraisal on your home
  • Have Suncrest move the system to your new home
How much is installation?
$0. There are no up-front costs for a Suncrest system. We cover the panels, permits, and installation.
Does the system come with a warranty?
Yes. Your system is warrantied, worry-free, as stated in your agreement.
Are there minimum requirements?
Yes. Suncrest requires a current energy bill to ensure that we design you the most cost-effective system for your energy needs. After verification, and the design of a custom home array, a simple credit check finalizes the approval process.
How will I know if my system is producing power?
You can log into your Suncrest portal to view your system production at any time.
Will I still have a bill from my utility company?
Yes. You will receive a bill from your utility for any power that you use in excess of the power that your solar system produces. You will also pay a monthly fee to be connected to the grid. Once you start producing solar power, these utility bills should be lower than your current bill.
What are your license numbers?
  • CA Electrical Contractor License – 987868
  • SC General Contractor – 119900
  • SC Electrical Contractor – 113690
  • NABCEP Certification – TS-041115-006274

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